Occupational Safety At Triviet Steel


TriViet Steel Buildings Co., Ltd does agree that "Human Resource is the most valuable asset of an Organization." Therefore, our Occupational Safety Department has devised a new strategy in planning and training safe human resources.

A System embracing Safety and Health and Sustainable Working Environment is built up as follows:

1. Workers have to be specified their obligations, responsibilities and labor safety measures, including safety equipment supply and usage, plan execution in a safe way, the use of appropriate tools, and inspection.

2. Materials, equipment and tools would be used in the construction site meets minimum safety standards, which is ensured by the person in charge.

3. All levels of the Organization, from managers to workers, must be provided appropriate training. Subcontractors and their workers must be properly trained in occupational safety procedures, because workers who are in charge of this stage could affect to the safety of others who are in charge of the later stages. 

4. It is necessary to provide the site managers with Quick Information Systems about informing behavior causing unsafety and defects of machinery as well.

5. Each specific person must properly and fully be assigned tasks of occupational safety and sanitation.


1. To create a safe working environment. No injuries or occupational disease employees or contractors.

2. To create a safe job. No incidents under production, construction and installation.

3. To create awareness of occupational safety for workers. Construction signs, such as prohibitions, warnings, emergencies, instructions etc., must be placed properly at factories and construction sites.


TriViet Steel Buildings Co., Ltd is committed to developing a sustainable safety system in compliance with the laws and regulations on environmental protection and labor safety. In addition, we do create the highest benefits for workers, equal pays, human resource training and development, and community development in a simultaneous beneficial way to both businesses and workers.

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