TriViet Steel always strives for the working environment of professional, friendly, fair and safety in the most comfortable working environment.


Triviet Steel Buildings always look forward to a professional, friendly, fair and safe working environment:

  • Employees are instructed on internal regulations, technical procedures and training on occupational safety and health before commencing work.
  • Equipped with personal protective equipment, labor protection equipment, uniforms.
  • Provided insurance according to Government regulations
  • Build and maintain an automatic time attendance system, evaluate employee performance through KPI.
  • The working environment: dynamic, the spirit of responsible work, enthusiasm, prestige and positive attitude, the progress of each employee.

Based on these favorable working conditions, Triviet Steel Buildings has built up a team of 500 engineers and employees with high professional qualifications and industry experiences. With the talented management team, the company has built a foundation for the stability and growth of the company over the past 14 years.


  • No.
  • Position
  • Salary
  • Location
  • Deadline
  • 1
  • Project Engineer
  • Salary: Thỏa thuận
  • Location: TP. HCM
  • Deadline: 30/09/2022
  • 2
  • Surveyor staff
  • Salary: Thỏa thuận
  • Location: Vũng Tàu
  • Deadline: 30/09/2022
  • 3
  • Java Programmer
  • Salary: Thỏa thuận
  • Location: TP. HCM
  • Deadline: 30/09/2022
  • 5
  • Safety Staff
  • Salary: Thỏa thuận
  • Location: TP. HCM
  • Deadline: 30/09/2022
  • 6
  • Site commander
  • Salary: Thỏa thuận
  • Location: TP. HCM
  • Deadline: 30/09/2022


Triviet Steel Buildings Co., Ltd has been building the best welfare system for the employees to work and choose here to develop their career. Official employees of the company will receive the following benefits:

1. Salary + allowance:

•  Salary according to capacity

•  Salary based on work efficiency

•  Salary based on the nature of work

•  Allowance based on work productivity

•  Salary increase scheme: 6 months for new employees, and annual salary for old employees

2. Bonus:

•  Bonus based on sales (individual / collective)

•  Bonus for technical innovations, improving the efficiency in production - business

3. Training – promotion:

•  Internal training: improving skills, training on working demand, topics of company's culture, life skills.

•  External training: improve professional skills, management skills by professionals and training reputation units.

•  In addition, Triviet also has a system of training succession staff with many positions from general labor to technicians, from staff to management.

4. Other welfare regime:

Apart from the regimes prescribed by law, company also has the following welfare regimes:

•  Team building, Annual sports days

•  Welfare policy: sickness, maternity, marriage, funeral specific each case

•  Equipping gym for staff to improve health




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