The 15th anniversary of Triviet Steel Buildings Co., Ltd


The 15th anniversary of Triviet Steel Buildings Co., Ltd

On May 11th, 2019 recently at the hall of Tri Viet Steel Company, Triviet Steel's 15th Anniversary event took place successfully with the participation of all employees of Tri Viet Steel House Company. Prominent with charming performances of "home-grown" performances, creating an exciting atmosphere.

Experiencing many difficulties and advantages in working, this is an opportunity for all officials and employees of the company to gather here to share with each other special feelings. The event is also a milestone to mark the 15-year journey of affirming Triviet Steel's position and brand in the market, which is a testament to the welcome from customers and partners.


MV The 15th anniversary of Triviet Steel Buildings


The 15th anniversary of Triviet Steel Company is also the first time Triviet Steel put into operation the standard hall room with the capacity of more than 220 attendees, is the space to organize the meetings, training for company employees.

Combining with other utilities that Tri Viet is aiming at, in the future Triviet Steel will be the convergence of the best facilities to serve effectively the better working process of employees.


Figure 1: A special cake celebrating the 15th anniversary of Triviet Steel Buildings

Figure 2: Chairman - CEO Mr. Nguyen Phi Thuong presented the opening speech

Figure 3: Triviet Steel hall atmosphere

Figure 4: Medal awarded for senior staff over 5 years

Figure 5: Medal awarded for senior personnel over 10 years

Figure 6: Part of giving meditations to senior staff over 15 years

Figure 7: Uncle Nghia has been working for more than 10 years, unable to control his emotions

Figure 8: Emotional moment when the Director awarded the medal

Figure 9: Belly Dance from NASA team

Figure 10: A cultural show about the Triviet Steel journey formed by the Bhutan team

Figure 11: Team Bhutan sends congratulations to the company

Figure 12: Music performance from Team Apollo

Figure 13: "Bac Kim Thang remix dance" performed by Team Columbus

Figure 14: Triviet Steel smiles

Figure 15: Cutting the banquet cake

Figure 16: Team Columbus taking photo

Figure 17: Deputy Director Mr. Nguyen Binh Phuong took photo with staffs

Figure 18: Factory staffs took photo

Figure 19: Triviet Steel staff took photo

Figure 20: Representative of Technical Department taking photos

Figure 21: Triviet Steel employees pose in front of the lens

Figure 22: Ms.Dao - Supply Office poses in front of the lens

Figure 23: Two charming Triviet Steel MCs

Figure 24: Hall atmosphere

Figure 25: Director Nguyen Phi Thuong speaks for a party

And other photos at the party:


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