Triviet Steel actively prevents coronavirus disease


The prevention and control of acute respiratory infections for new strains of Corona virus is fiercely fought by people, businesses and goverment. At Triviet Steel Buildings, to ensure the production and operation requirements of the business after the Lunar New Year holiday, the company has implemented measures and propaganda against acute respiratory disease caused by new strain of nCoV Coronavirus.

Every day at Triviet Steel Office in District 8 Ho Chi Minh City, there are nearly 200 employees coming to work regularly. From the first working days of Lunar New Year 2020, the company has deployed immediately for 100% employees wearing face mask when coming to the office. Carefully wash hand by hand sanitizer solution following a 6-step hand washing procedure recommended by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health.


Figure 1: Announcement the latest information about the Coronavirus disease


Figure 2: Attention of staff on Corona prevention propaganda

In order for Coronavirus epidemic prevention not only stops at the company scale but every employees of Triviet Steel Buildings always are aware the sense that the epidemic is the responsibility of each individual to his family, community and society. The propaganda took place at the company office has received the response of all office workers committed to good, correct and complete procedures to prevent and control Corona. The company has thoroughly understood that all employees must maintain general hygiene in the work area, wear a mask when working, especially when deal with foreigners and avoid direct contact with goods.


Figure 3: Employees are hand-cleaned with Medical hand sanitizer before entering the company door

Figure 4: Mr. Doan Lac Vi - Accounting staff was cleaning his hands at the beginning of working hours

Figure 5: Receptionist of Triviet Steel Buildings company in working hours

Figure 6: Staff equipped with hand sanitizer and mask when working

Figure 7: Corona epidemic prevention regulations during working hours

Figure 8: Employees of Detail Department comply with nCoV precautions during working hours

Figure 9: Employees of Detail Department comply with nCoV precautions during working hours

Prevent Ncov from factory gates and construction sites

At Triviet Steel factory, more than 500 employees and managers come to work, the company also equips with medical hygiene solutions at frequent places such as factory gates and offices to ensure the work. Besides, at the construction site, similar to the commanding units, at the same time, conducting the procedure of measuring the body temperature and wearing a mask for the whole working time for all employees directly working.


Figure 10: Construction workers have their body temperature checked at the beginning of working hours


Figure 11: Site manager of Triviet Steel Buildings is conducting body temperature measurement for workers


Figure 12: Workers clean their hands before going to work.

Prevention at work

According to information from the Ministry of Health, the new strain of nCoV Corona that causes an acute respiratory infection can survive and spread well in cold environments <25 degrees. The office environment becomes the most contagious place where hundreds of employees, customers and partners enter and exit every day. Being aware of that, Triviet Steel employees abide by 100% of the regulations on face mask and the use of medical hygiene solutions during the whole working time. The department heads increase communication and information about Corona acute respiratory infections.


Figure 13: Propaganda on prevention of Corona epidemic at Triviet Steel Buildings factory


Figure 14: Propaganda on prevention of Corona epidemic at Triviet Steel Buildings factory


Figure 15: Announcing the rule of preventing acute respiratory disease due to new strain of Corona nCoV virus at Triviet Steel Buildings 


Figure 16: 06-step hand washing procedure recommended by the Ministry of Health is popular at Triviet Steel


As of February 10, 2020, the number of diagnoses of the new Corona nCoV virus infection causing respiratory infection has reached 40,553 patients and 910 deaths. In Vietnam, there are 14 cases of infection (positive for nCoV virus). Therefore, active prevention of diseases is a necessary condition to ensure safety for employees and prevent the spread of diseases when they appear.

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